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🔴 Due to Unity's new royalty system, I'm putting the project hold until I can find a way forward that does not include the Unity engine. For more information and a list of valid concerns and issues (which would directly affect my livelyhood), you can read this forum post on the Unity forums.

Coffee, Please! is my passion project after I haven't been able to find a decent store simulator. Usually they are intentionally goofy or borderline playable. A big inspiration was seeing Shoppe Keep and Car Mechanic Simulator, two games I highly enjoyed. While they had elements that entertained me, I felt that it was not quite scratching my itch.  This is a first person simulator which incorporates elements from business/tycoon games. 


The current control scheme can be found in the Settings menu under Controls. Currently only mouse and keyboard are supported.

Most of the game was made during my live streams on my Twitch!

Updated 24 days ago
StatusOn hold
AuthorZee Weasel
Made withUnity
Tagscoffee, Tycoon
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Coffee, Please! Windows (Pre-Alpha - Newest version) 133 MB
Version 90 Sep 10, 2023

Install instructions

If you have an existing save game, it might not compatible with a newer version of the game. Please start a new game with each version.

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